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Library and Digital Marketing

Library and Digital Marketing

This page highlights information and articles published in the Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog about Library and Digital Marketing.

SCOPE: Library and digital marketing techniques and case studies. Includes social media marketing and search engine optimization.

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  • Google Plus Collections & Communities for Librarians & CatalogersGoogle+ Collections and Communities for Librarians and Catalogers in 2016. Are you on Google+? Do you know all of the Google+ Collections that you can follow and Google+ Communities that you can join for latest updates on Library and Information Science and Library Cataloging? Even if you are not on Google+ this article will present a compelling case for you to join Google+ to be updated of latest happenings in the fields of Library and Information Science and Library Cataloging. In a recent controversial article in the Wall Street Journal In Age of Google, Librarians Get Shelved, Steve Barker writes “The next time you visit a public library and see an older person at the information desk, someone near retirement age, take a good look. You may be seeing the last of a dying breed, the professional librarian.” This was countered by an article in American Libraries Magazine titled Librarians in the Digital Age : A response to the Wall Street Journal column by Sari Feldman and Julie Todaro where they responded “… … At a time of information overload and growing gaps between digital “haves” and “have-nots,” the roles for dynamic and engaged librarians are growing. Though their skills and the technologies they use may be changing, they have never been more valuable to people of all ages, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds.” So it is for sure that the libraries and librarians are here to stay by they need to upgrade their skills and be more updated on the technology front. Librarians are required more than ever to be updated on new happenings in the field of Library and Information Science and Information Technology. Google+ Collections and Communities offer useful means to get updated for latest information on Library and Information Science ... ... ...
  • Library and Information Science Videos - This blog post has a playlist which showcases videos where libraries are experimenting innovative methods to market their services.