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Types of Research



Types of Research


1.     According to Purpose


§  Fundamental/Pure/Basic

- Lab research

§  Applied

- evaluation

- action

- social impact



Purpose of Research


§  explore

§  describe

§  explain



Characteristics of the Scientific Method


1.        Tentative (constant review)

2.        Empirically verifiable (researchable)

3.        Ethically neutral (what harm or risk involved to respondents, confidentiality and privacy?)

4.        Shared and made public



Why conduct research?


Students, professors, researchers, research centers, government, practitioners, newspaper people, TV networks, market research firms, schools, hospitals, social service, political parties, consulting firms, HR departments, public interest organizations, insurance, law firms conduct research as part of their jobs, to be better informed, less biased decisions, in contrast to guessing, hunches, intuition, and other personal, experience.



What is research?


Research is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information to increase our understanding of the world in general and of the phenomenon under study in particular.



But before you can come up with POLICY, it should be back up with empirical (observed) data which requires the process of research




·        Procedure

·        Materials

·        Conclusion

·        Statement

·        Hypothesis


Research is an organized inquiry carried out to provide information for solving problems.


·        It is the cornerstone of every science.




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