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Preferred Title

Preferred Title


A title that is selected for preference in the construction of an authorized access point.¹

OCLC describes Preferred Title as below². 

Definition: A preferred title access point is used to bring together bibliographic entries for a work when various expressions or manifestations have appeared under different titles. It is also used to provide identification for a work when the title by which it is known differs from the title proper of a particular expression or manifestation, or when different works have identical titles.

Common examples of preferred titles entered directly include:

  • Anonymous works
  • Composite manuscripts or manuscript groups
  • Concordats
  • Journals and newspapers
  • Motion pictures and videorecordings
  • Radio and television programs
  • Sacred works
  • Treaties and inter-governmental agreements

A preferred title entered under an authorized name access point is contained in field 240 or in subfield ǂt in the field appropriate for the personal name, corporate name, or meeting name. Preferred titles used in phrase subject access points (e.g., Bible in atheism) are contained in field 650.



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