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Cancellation of multiple subdivisions in LCSH

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)

Cancellation of multiple subdivisions used after [name of person]–Characters in the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
The free-floating multiple subdivisions –Characters—Children, [Jews, Physicians, etc.] and –Characters—[name of individual character] have been cancelled as part of the LCSH multiples cancellation project. Going forward, the policy on cataloging works discussing specific named groups or categories of characters of a literary author, or a specific named character of the author, is to assign the name heading for the literary author subdivided by –Characters and also assign an additional heading for the character or group of characters. The subdivision –Characters will also continue to be assigned to general works on the characters of a literary author.
Pertinent SHM instruction sheets will be revised and affected authority records will be cancelled or revised offlist, as is the practice with the Multiples Project.¹

Cancellation of the multiple subdivisions –Religious aspects—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] and –Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
All uses of the multiple subdivisions –Religious aspects—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] and –Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] have been removed from LCSH, including their use as free-floating subdivisions. Therefore, all uses of a subdivision for a religion or Christian denomination after –Religious aspects must be editorially established (that is, proposed).
The topical subdivision –Religious aspects remains free-floating under individual animals and groups of animals, individual plants and groups of plants, individual chemicals and groups of chemicals, individual materials and types of materials, individual languages and groups of languages, individual diseases and types of diseases, individual organs and regions of the body, individual musical instruments and families of instruments, and individual wars. The subdivision must be editorially established under all other headings.
Pertinent SHM instruction sheets will be revised, as will the authority records for the free-floating subdivisions.¹

Source: Library of Congress [July 17, 2020]



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