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UGC NET Library and Information Science November 2017 Solved Paper 3 Questions 11-20 with Answers

UGC NET in Library and Information Science

The National Eligibility Test (NET), also known as UGC NET or NTA-UGC-NET in Library and Information Science, is the test for determining the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) award in Indian universities and colleges.

National Eligibility Test (NET) or the NTA UGC NET in Library and Information Science, is also an exam for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for the eligibility for Assistant Professor only or Junior Research Fellowship & Eligibility for Assistant Professor both in Library and Information Science in Indian universities and colleges. It is also a desired qualification for appointment of the post of librarian in libraries of universities, colleges, and government institutions in India. It has a comprehensive syllabus covering all the areas of Library and Information Science. In this article is given Solved Question Papers of NTA UGC NET exam in Library and Information Science in India. Even if you are from a country other than India, study of these solved UGC NET examination questions and answers will improve your knowledge and understanding of Library and Information Science.

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11. Which of the following organizations have introduced “Dig by” – a new mobile application available as a part of “Worldshare Management Service”?

(1) Library of Congress
(3) OCLC

Answer: (3)

12. Percentage (%) sign is used in an URL to represent:

(1) Space
(2) Date
(3) Time
(4) Person

Answer: (1)

13. FRBRoo version 2 is based on:

(1) FRBR model alone
(2) FRAD model alone
(3) FRBR and FRAD models only
(4) FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD models

Answer: (4)

14. Which one of the following is not Image format?

(1) TIFF
(2) MPEG
(3) JPEG
(4) GIF

Answer: (2)

15. Which of the following does not come under the domain of Descriptive bibliometrics (Descriptive Studies)?

(1) Geographical Distribution of Documents
(2) Nature of Information Conveyed
(3) Subject Distribution
(4) Medium of Communication

Answer: (2)

16. “Half-life” in the context of literary growth is used to indicate:

(1) Rate of obsolescence
(2) Rate of growth
(3) Degree of scatter
(4) Information explosion

Answer: (1)

17. Which sampling method is not suitable, if unit members are homogenous?

(1) Simple random
(2) Cluster
(3) Stratified
(4) Systematic

Answer: (2)

18. Hermeneutics, principle is primarily related with:

(1) Interpretation of texts
(2) Interrelation between data and knowledge
(3) Human experience
(4) Human behavior

Answer: (1)

19. How may Working Groups are constituted under National Mission on Libraries, India?

(1) Two
(2) Three
(3) Four
(4) Five

Answer: (3)

20. Who is responsible for development and maintenance of UGC official website?

(1) MHRD
(2) DoE
(3) NIC

Answer: (4)