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UGC NET Library and Information Science June 2013 Solved Paper 2 Questions 11-20 with Answers

UGC NET in Library and Information Science

The National Eligibility Test (NET), also known as UGC NET or NTA UGC NET in Library and Information Science, is the test for determining the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) award in Indian universities and colleges.

National Eligibility Test (NET) or the NTA UGC NET in Library and Information Science, is also an exam for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for the eligibility for Assistant Professor only or Junior Research Fellowship & Eligibility for Assistant Professor both in Library and Information Science in Indian universities and colleges. It is also a desired qualification for appointment of the post of librarian in libraries of universities, colleges, and government institutions in India. It has a comprehensive syllabus covering all the areas of Library and Information Science. In this article is given Solved Question Papers of NTA UGC NET exam in Library and Information Science in India. Even if you are from a country other than India, study of these solved UGC NET examination questions and answers will improve your knowledge and understanding of Library and Information Science.

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11. “Control, Disease, Malaria, Brain” indicates that it is

(A)             Raw Title
(B)              Expressive Title
(C)              Kernel Title
(D)             Transformed Title

Answer: (C)

12. A graphical representation using symbols to represent operations, data, flow, etc. is

(A)             Logical Chart
(B)              Flow Chart
(C)              System Flow Chart
(D)             Network Chart

Answer: (B)

13. The 12 rules for relational database were given by

(A)             E.F. Codd
(B)              Charles Babbage
(C)              James Weyer
(D)             Tim Berners Lee

Answer: (A)

14. A technique displaying graphic information on screen, pixel by pixel with bits held in main memory is

(A)             Bit handling
(B)              Bit mapping
(C)              Bit pattern
(D)             Bit matrix

Answer: (B)

15. ZOTERO is a –

(A)             Content Management System
(B)              Reference Management System
(C)              Serials Management System
(D)             Bibliographic Reference Management System

Answer: (D)

16. A network in which the host computer controls different nodes which further control other nodes, is known as

(A)             Star Network
(B)              Ring Network
(C)              Hierarchical Network
(D)             Multipoint Network

Answer: (C)

17. Impact factor is devised by

(A)             Eugene Garfield
(B)              Alan Pritchard
(C)              David Hume
(D)             Louis Brandeis

Answer: (A)

18. A skillful method of providing means, mechanism and structural elements to streamline organizational work is known as

(A)             Role Analysis
(B)              Strategic Planning
(C)              Work Culture
(D)             Autonomous Planning

Answer: (B)

19. Financial allocation made to a library for purchase of furniture and equipment’s usually comes under the budget head

(A)             Recurring grant
(B)              Endowments
(C)              Non-recurring grant
(D)             Annual grant

Answer: (C)

20. Historical/Government records related to an organization are maintained in

(i)                 Achieves
(ii)               Museums
(iii)             Repositories
(iv)             Government libraries


(A)             (i) and (ii) are correct
(B)              (ii) and (iii) are correct
(C)              (i) and (iii) are correct
(D)             (ii) and (iv) are correct

Answer: (C)