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Who criticized the concept of main entry as ‘a relic of outdated technology’?

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Who criticized the concept of main entry as ‘a relic of outdated technology’?


(1) Michael Gorman

(2) Robert L. Maxwell

(3) Pat Oddy

(4) Tom Delsey


(1) Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman criticized the concept of main entry as ‘a relic of outdated technology’

Michael Gorman criticized AACR1 for its emphasis on the concept of main entry, which Groman called "a relic of outdated technology" made obsolete by computer-based catalogs with multiple access points for all works contained in the database. Part II of AACR2, rules for access points and headings, addresses itself to these problems, and in some instances makes substantive and worthwhile contributions toward solving the problem.¹

About Michael Gorman: Michael Gorman (born 6 March 1941 in Witney, Oxfordshire) is a British-born librarian, library scholar and editor/writer on library issues noted for his traditional views. During his tenure as president of the American Library Association (ALA), he was vocal in his opinions on a range of subjects, notably technology and education. He currently lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Anne Reuland, an academic administrator at Loyola University. Gorman's principles of librarianship derive from core liberal, democratic and humanist values. A key influence is S.R. Ranganathan, whom he regarded as "the greatest figure of librarianship in the 20th century." He maintains that it is through focusing on core professional values that librarians will facilitate personal growth and enhance the success of their institutions.²


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