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Which was the first university awarded PhD to a scholar from library science department in India?

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Which was the first university awarded PhD to a scholar from library science department in India?


(1) Madras

(2) Bombay

(3) Calcutta

(4) Delhi


(2) Delhi

The University of Delhi was the first university that awarded a Ph.D. to a scholar from its Library Science Department in India.

Historical Background of LIS Education in India

The history of Library and information science education in India is now century old. India has witnessed a steady growth in LIS education. The information and communication technology has impacted LIS education all around the world. The LIS discipline is growing in a way to serve the society in a better way.

The history of LIS education in India can be divided into two eras, i.e., pre-independence and post-independence era.

The foundation of library education in India may be considered to date back in 1911 when W.A. Borden, a disciple of Melvil Dewey, was invited by Sayaji Rao Gaekwad II to develop the state library system.

In 1915, another disciple of Dewey, Asa Don Dickinson was appointed as the librarian of Punjab University, Lahore and started three months course.

After these two great efforts, professional associations started providing courses on library science education. The first such course was started by Andhra Desa Library Association in 1920, then by Madras Library Association (MALA) in 1929, by Bengal Library Association in 1937.

Before independence, there were only five universities providing diploma courses in library science. These were: Andhra University (1935), Madras University (1937), Banaras Hindu University (1941), University of Bombay (1943) and University of Calcutta (1945). Out of these five universities, two diploma courses were started due to the great efforts of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan.

After independence, new schools, colleges, universities and research institutions were opened to cater to the educational needs of the country, and the need for qualified library personnel was felt. As a result, the number of library science schools were increased. Aligarh Muslim University was the first to start B.Lib. course in the country.

Dr. Ranganathan also moved from Banaras Hindu University to the University of Delhi. The University of Delhi started the first diploma course in 1947 and then started Masters in Library Science in 1951. The first Ph.D. in LIS was awarded to D B Krishna Rao in 1957 under Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. M.Phil. was started in 1972 at the University of Delhi.

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