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EZproxy is a middleware that authenticates library users against local authentication systems and provides remote access to licensed content based on the user's authorization.

EZproxy allows libraries to deliver e-content to users simply, effectively, and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy was built for libraries to protect user privacy, making it a trusted e-resource access and authentication solution for nearly 20 years. Thousands of libraries around the world use EZproxy to facilitate seamless, reliable access to e-resources.

EZproxy is a web proxy server used by libraries to give access from outside the library's computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address. This allows library patrons at home or elsewhere to log in through their library's EZproxy server and gain access to resources to which their library subscribes, such as bibliographic databases.

The software was originally written by Chris Zagar in 1999 who founded Useful Utilities LLC to support it. OCLC announced in January 2008 that it had acquired the product and was hiring Zagar as a full-time consultant for a year. Zagar is a librarian who serves as a systems librarian at the Estrella Mountain Community College, a part of the Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona. He won the 2006 LITA/Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award for his work with EZproxy.

EZproxy is a URL rewriting program, which works by dynamically altering the URLs within the web pages provided by the database vendor. The server names within the URLs of these web pages are changed to reflect the EZproxy server instead, causing users to return to the EZproxy server as they access links on these web pages." Previous proxy solutions were complex and difficult to maintain, and when EZproxy was created, authentication systems like Shibboleth were still far in the future.

The software is sometimes confused with generic proxy server software designed to control web access. It is sometimes referred to as a "proxy referral" server to distinguish it.

The software has been purchased by more than 2,500 institutions in over 60 countries.

Connect users to e-content with a single sign-on

EZproxy allows library users continuous access to the e-content they need without the hassle of remembering various passwords and usernames.

Make authentication easy

EZproxy connects to a wide variety of authentication services and content providers. Your users connect to EZproxy using their existing credentials, then EZproxy connects on their behalf to your licensed databases. Vendors see requests as coming from an authorized IP address and permit access.

Keep your e-content secure

EZproxy connects to your library's existing authentication systems to ensure e-resources are protected according to your security and authorization standards. EZproxy also utilizes an optional, real-time call out to a security API that validates requester IP addresses. If you need to investigate unauthorized usage further, EZproxy tracks additional security events in Audit logs.

Make more informed decisions

EZproxy log files contain rich e-resource usage data that enhances library decision making. You can use web log analysis tools to manually analyze this data, which can be time-consuming, or take advantage of EZproxy Analytics, a fully hosted, turnkey analytics service that makes it easy to get actionable insights. We also provide consolidated monthly usage reports to hosted libraries.

Maintain library control and trust

EZproxy was originally built for libraries to protect user privacy. It protects the identity of your users while vouching for the authenticity of their requests. And since you retain control of your usage log files, you don’t have to rely on content providers or other third parties for your library’s data.

Ensure access with less overhead

EZproxy integrates with a variety of library systems to points users toward your library's e-resources. You can continue to ensure seamless access with EZproxy hosted, a fully managed service that's easy to set up. By letting OCLC's proven infrastructure handle EZproxy upgrades, stanza updates, and more, you can be more agile with other projects. We also offer a stand-alone service that you manage.


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