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Copy Cataloging Using RDA Quiz 1

Library and Information Science Quiz Questions Answers

In this test, you will be presented with a variety of bibliographic data elements as recorded in an imported record.

You must decide whether the best copy-cataloging strategy is to accept the data as imported, or to choose one of the options for adjusting the data. In some cases, you may be choosing the best option from several that are acceptable.


245 10 $a [Title] / $c editors: Henry Wiggins, Allan Hale.

Select the most appropriate answer below:


(a) Acceptable

(b) Delete the word 'editors'

(c) Change the colon to a comma

(d) Separate the names with a semicolon


(a) Acceptable

245 10 $a [Title] / $c editors: Henry Wiggins, Allan Hale.

The above statement is Acceptable in RDA Copy Cataloging.

Note: Although you may change this if you wish, you are not required to.



1. Library of Congress. RDA Test: Copy Cataloging Using RDA Quiz. (accessed February 8, 2020).


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