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Which was the first Library of Congress Classification (LCC) schedule to be published?

(a) Z (Bibliography and Library Science) 

(b) L (Education)

(c) K (Law)

(d) E-F (American history and geography)

Library and Information Science Quiz Questions Answers


(d) E-F (American history and geography)

Class E-F (American history and geography) were the first Library of Congress Classification (LCC) schedules to be published.

Library of Congress Classification LCC


... ... Work on the LC classification began in 1901. Class Z (Bibliography and Library Science) was chosen to be the first schedule to be developed. The next schedules, E-F (American history and geography), were developed. But E-F were the first schedules to be published, in 1901, followed by Z in 1902. Other schedules were progressively developed ... ...