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Library of Congress Classification: Class Z -- Bibliography. Library Science. Information resources

Library of Congress Classification

Class Z: Bibliography. Library Science. Information resources is a classification used by the Library of Congress Classification system. This page outlines the sub-classes of Class Z.

  • Subclass Z - Books (general). Writing. Palaeography. Book Industries and trade. Libraries. Bibliography
  • Subclass ZA
  • References 

Subclass Z - Books (general). Writing. Palaeography. Book Industries and trade. Libraries. Bibliography
  • Z4‑115.5 Books (General). Writing. Paleography
    • Z4‑8 History of books and bookmaking
    • Z40‑104.5 Writing
      • Z41‑42.5 Autographs. Signatures
      • Z43‑45 Calligraphy. Penmanship
      • Z48 Duplicating processes. Copying services. Including mimeographing, multilithing
      • Z49‑51.5 Typewriters. Typewriting. Keyboards. Keyboarding
      • Z52‑52.5 Word processing
      • Z53‑102 Shorthand. Stenography. Phonography
      • Z102.5‑104.5 Cryptography. Ciphers. Invisible writing
    • Z105‑115.5 Manuscripts. Paleography
  • Z116‑659 Book industries and trade
    • Z116.A2 Treatises on the modern printed book
    • Z116.A3 Book design
    • Z116.A5‑265.5 Printing
      • Z124‑228 History
      • Z231‑234 Printers and printing establishments
        • Z234 Medallic history of printing. Tokens
      • Z235‑236 Printer's marks, mottoes, etc.
      • Z237 Paper. Watermarks, etc.
      • Z240‑241.5 Incunabula. Block books. Including broadsides, playing cards
      • Z242.9‑264.5 Practical printing. Including printing as a business, layout, paper and ink, machinery, type and type founding, electrotyping, desktop publishing, typesetting, presswork
      • Z265‑265.5 Representation or reproduction of books, documents, etc., by photography, microphotography, or other means
    • Z266‑276 Bookbinding. Book decoration
    • Z278‑549 Bookselling and publishing
    • Z551‑656 Copyright
    • Z657‑659 Freedom of the press. Censorship
  • Z662‑1000.5 Libraries
    • Z662‑664 Collections
    • Z665‑718.8 Library science. Information science
      • Z668‑669.7 Library education. Research
      • Z672‑Z672.13 Library cooperation and coordination
      • Z674.7‑674.83 Library information networks
      • Z675 Classes of libraries
      • Z678‑678.88 Library administration and organization. Constitution
      • Z678.89‑678.892 Library service agencies
      • Z678.9‑Z678.93 Automation
      • Z679‑680 Library buildings. Library architecture. Including planning, space utilization, security, safety, lighting, etc.
      • Z680.3‑680.6 Library communication systems
      • Z681‑681.3 Reproduction of library materials. Storage media of library materials
      • Z681.5‑681.7 Trustees. Library boards, committees, etc.
      • Z682‑682.4 Personnel
      • Z683‑683.5 Finance. Insurance
      • Z684‑685 Supplies. Shelving. Bookstacks
      • Z686 Branches. Delivery stations. Bookmobiles
      • Z687‑718.85 The collections. The books
        • Z688 Special collections
        • Z688.5‑Z688.6 Processing
        • Z689‑689.8 Acquisition (selection, purchase, gifts, duplicates)
        • Z690 Exchanges
        • Z691‑692 Special classes of materials. Including manuscripts, maps, microforms, serials
        • Z693‑695.83 Cataloging
        • Z695.85 Library handwriting
        • Z695.87 Printing of catalogs
        • Z695.9‑695.94 Indexing. Abstracting
        • Z695.95 Alphabetizing. Filing
        • Z695.98 Recataloging. Reclassification
        • Z696‑697 Classification and notation
        • Z698 Shelflisting. Author notation
        • Z699‑699.5 Machine methods of information and retrieval. Mechanized bibliographic control
        • Z699.7 Physical processing. Shelf preparation
        • Z700 Bookbinding
        • Z700.9‑701.5 Physical parameters, preservation, conservation and restoration of books and other library materials
        • Z702 Thefts and losses of books and other library materials
        • Z703.5 Stack management. Disposition of books on shelves, etc.
        • Z703.6 Discarding. Weeding
      • Z711‑711.95 Public services. Reference services
      • Z712‑714 Circulation. Loans. Charging systems
      • Z716‑716.15 Library extension. Library commissions. Traveling libraries
      • Z716.2‑718.85 Libraries in relation to special topics. Including libraries and community, libraries and television, children's libraries, libraries and students
    • Z719‑723 Libraries (General)
    • Z729‑875 Library reports. History. Statistics
    • Z881‑977 Library catalogs and bulletins
    • Z987‑996.3 Book collecting. Including bibliophilism, bookplates
    • Z997-997.2 Private libraries
    • Z999‑1000.5 Booksellers' catalogs
  • Z1001‑1121 General bibliography
    • Z1001 Introduction to bibliography. Theory, philosophy, psychology. Bibliography. Documentation
    • Z1003‑1003.5 Choice of books. Books and reading. Book reviews
    • Z1003.8‑Z1004 Biography of bibliographers
    • Z1011‑1017 General bibliographies
    • Z1019‑1033 Special classes of books. Including prohibited books, rare books, paperbacks, reprints
    • Z1035‑1035.9 Best books
    • Z1036 Booksellers' general catalogs of modern books
    • Z1037‑1039 Books for special classes of persons, institutions, etc.
    • Z1041‑1107 Anonyms and pseudonyms
  • Z1201‑4980 National bibliography
    • Z1201‑1946 America
      • Z1215‑1363 United States
      • Z1365‑1401 Canada. British North America
      • Z1411‑1939 Mexico. Central America. West Indies. South America
    • Z1975 Eastern Hemisphere
    • Z2000‑2959 Europe
    • Z3001‑3496 Asia
    • Z3501‑3975 Africa
    • Z4001‑4980 Australia. Oceania
  • Z5051‑7999 Subject bibliography. Subjects arranged in alphabetical sequence
  • Z8001‑8999 Personal bibliography. Names of individuals arranged in alphabetical sequence

Subclass ZA

  • ZA3038‑5190 Information resources (General)
    • ZA3150‑3159 Information services. Information centers
    • ZA3201‑3250 Information superhighway
    • ZA4050‑4775 Information in specific formats or media
      • ZA4050‑4480 Electronic information resources
        • ZA4150‑4380 Computer network resources
        • ZA4450‑4460 Databases
    • ZA4550‑4575 Motion pictures. Video recordings
    • ZA4650‑4675 Pictures. Photographs
    • ZA4750‑4775 Sound recordings
  • ZA5049‑5190 Government information
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Z665‑718.8 Library science. Information science






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