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Citation Indexing

Citation Indexing

A citation index is an ordered list of cited articles along with a list of citing articles. The cited article is identified as the reference and the citing article as the source. The index is prepared utilizing the association of ideas existing between the cited and the citing articles, as the fact is that whenever a recent paper cites a previous paper there always exists a relation of ideas, between the two papers.

Key-Term Alphabetical (KEYTALPHA)

Key-Term Alphabetical (KEYTALPHA) Indexing

In the Key-Term Alphabetical (KEYTALPHA) index, keywords are arranged side by side without forming a sentence. Entries are prepared containing only keywords and location excluding the context.

Keyword Augmented in Context (KWAC)

Keyword Augmented in Context (KWAC) Indexing

In Keyword Augmented in Context (KWAC) the acronym KWAC also stands for Keyword and Context. The KWAC system provides for the enrichment of the keywords of the title with additional significant words taken either from the abstract f the document or its contents. Since titles do not always represent the contents of a document fully, the enrichment minimizes this limitation. The problem of false retrieval, which is inherent in a purely title based indexing system, is solved to some extent.

Keyword Out of Context (KWOC)

Keyword Out of Context (KWOC) Indexing

In Keyword Out of Context (KWOC) system, keyword or the access point is shifted to the extreme left at its normal place in the beginning of the line. It is followed by the complete title to provide complete context. The keyword and the context are written either in the same line or in two successive lines. Both the formats are displayed below.

Title-Based Indexing

Title-Based Indexing


There is one part of a document in which authors themselves usually try to define the subject: the title. The title in itself is a one-line summary of a document and this serves as an index point, hence, title indexes came into force. This is very simple as the important terms representing the subject of the document are selected and rotated to prepare entries from the title, moreover, this could be very easily prepared using a computer. Examples of title indexes are KWIC (Key Word In Context, KWOC (Keyword Out of Content), and KEYTALPHA (Key-Term Alphabetical).