Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Derived Indexing

Derived Indexing


  • Introduction to Derived Indexing
  • Title-Based Indexing
  • Keyword in Context (KWIC) Indexing
  • Keyword Out of Context (KWOC)
  • Keyword Augmented in Context (KWAC)
  • Key-Term Alphabetical (KEYTALPHA)
  • Merits of Keyword Indexing System
  • Demerits of Keyword Indexing
  • Search Strategy for Keyword Indexes
  • Conclusion
  • Citation Indexing
  • Advantages of Citation Indexing

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Other Title Information

Other Title Information Cataloging

Other Title Information is information (words or phrases, e.g. a subtitle) that appears in conjunction with, and is subordinate to, the title proper of a resource. Other Title Information is a statement appearing on the item that provides additional information about the nature of the item, its purpose, scope, form (e.g., a biography), genre (e.g., a mystery novel), contents (e.g., conference papers) or subject. It may include any phrase appearing with a title proper that is indicative of the character, contents, etc., of the resource or the motives for, or occasion of, its production, publication, etc. In the bibliographic record, Other Title Information is transcribed following the whole or part of the title proper or parallel title to which it pertains. If the information is lengthy, it may be given in a note or may be abridged.

Title Proper

Title Proper Cataloging

Title proper is the chief name of a resource or a bibliographic item, usually found on the preferred sources of information. It is the title which is normally used when citing the resource. The title proper includes the short title and alternative title, the numerical designation of a part/section and the name of a part/section. The title proper excludes any parallel titles, other title information, and parallel other title information.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Cataloging Title

A title is a word, character, phrase, sentence, or a group of words and/or characters appearing on an information source that names a resource or a work contained in it, for the purposes of identification and reference. Title is the distinguishing name of the resource (or the work contained within) which is usually identified from the preferred sources of information of a resource.