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LC RDA Implementation of Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records

RDA Relationship Designators
RDA Relationship Designators

Read this RDA Blog post to know about the Library of Congress Implementation of Resource Description and Access Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records with MARC 21 RDA Cataloging Examples, Guidelines, and Best Practices.

  • Key points
  • Application for Monographs, Serials and Integrating Resources
  • Best Practices
  • Sources for Relationship Designators
  • Specificity
  • RDA Element Name as Relationship Designator
  • Unclear Relationship
  • Adding a Relationship Designator to Existing Terms and/or Codes
  • Applying Relationship Designators in Accordance with their Definitions
  • Access Point and Relationship Designator for an Entity Not Named in a Resource
  • Guidelines for Appendix I Relationship Designators
  • Relationship Designators for All Access Points
  • More than One Relationship Designator Appropriate
  • Relationship Designators for Families and Corporate Bodies
  • Relationship Designators and Name/Title Access Points in 7XX
  • Guidelines for Appendix J Relationship Designators
  • Relationship Designators for Resource-to-Resource Relationships
  • Relationship Designator Implied by MARC 7XX Content Designation
  • Multiple Relationships
  • Reciprocal Relationships for Sequential Works and/or Expressions
  • Relationship Designator for Related Resource when MARC 130 or 240 is Present
  • Unknown or Uncertain Relationship in a Resource
  • Related Resource with Same Principally Responsible Creator
  • Unstructured Descriptions
  • Punctuation and Capitalization
  • Designators that Follow Authorized Access Points
  • Designators that Precede Authorized Access Points or Appear at the Beginning of a Field