Thursday, January 22, 2015

RDA Blog Guest Book in MARC 21 Fields & RDA Element Names

RDA Blog Guest Book MARC 21
RDA Blog Guest Book

RDA Blog Guest Book is re-designed in an interesting format according to MARC 21 Field Names & Resource Description & Access (RDA) Element Names for Name Authority Records (NAR). Please post your feedback, suggestions, and reviews through this guest book, to make this blog a better place for information on Resource Description & Access (RDA), AACR2, MARC 21, FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD, BIBFRAME and other areas of Library Cataloging.

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    Monday, January 19, 2015

    Gym Workout Schedule and Diet Plan

    Gym Workout Schedule and Diet Plan

    Gym Workout Schedule and Diet Plan for a Healthy Body is explained in this new article in the category Librarians Personality Development. Bodybuilding has a lot of impact on personality development. The first impression of your personality is your physical looks and body. This comprehensive article will help you in your bodybuilding plan.

    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    No Gym Total Body Workout

    No Gym Total Body Workout

    Exercises and Workout for a healthy body are explained in this new article which can be done at home and in office without the requirement of gym and equipment.

    Personality Development - Personal Development - Self Improvement

    Personality Development - Personal Development - Self Improvement

    Personality Development, Personal Development, and Self Improvement of Librarians and library professionals are explained here. This section starts with a background and definition of a librarian, followed by a brief description of personality development, personal development, and why it is so important for librarians to possess an impressive and strong personality. Contents of broad areas determined to work on for Librarians Personality Development is then provided which covers topics such as, education, willpower, habits control, health, lifestyle, technology and communication skills.

    Friday, January 2, 2015

    UNESCO launches Open Access Curricula for Researchers and Librarians

    Within the overall framework of UNESCO Strategy on Open Access to scientific information and research and to take forward UNESCO’s leadership role in diffusing knowledge amongst its Member States, UNESCO has developed a set of manuals to facilitate capacity building of library and information professionals and researchers. 

    The development of the modules has been undertaken very carefully and the development process covered diverse opinion in the subject area, and in consultation with more than 50 experts to include diversity and expertise from the developing south. 

    The OA curricula developed by UNESCO includes a set of customized modules which can be easily be fitted with the educational needs of different OA stakeholders and can be integrated with any sensitization programmes of OA. The curricula for Library and Information Science Professionals entitled “Open Access for Library Schools”, consists of four course modules. An Introductory Module aims at sensitizing the library community about the history, evolution, forms and impact of OA within the domain of scholarly communication environment and covers issues related to rights management, IPR and advocacy. The remaining three modules cover subject areas of OA Infrastructure, Resource Optimization and Interoperability and Retrieval. These sections give insights into the features, types, maintenance and standardization of OA resources, information retrieval/storage software and highlight the role of the new dimension of web-enabled resources such as e-journals, e-repositories and ICTSs. 

    The curricula will soon be available for download. Currently,  copies can be requested by writing to UNESCO’s OA programme.


    UNESCO’s Open Access (OA) Curriculum is now online (16.3.2015)